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Welcome to the Laboratory of Housing Alternatives (LOHA). This initiative was launched in November 2012 with the intention of providing a platform to explore, ideate and build housing alternatives for creative and emerging professionals in Vancouver.This demographic group brings innovation and vitality to our city but its often affected by the lack of adequate and affordable housing options. Therefore, our goal is to increase housing options available to ‘creative professionals’ in Vancouver through three main areas of action:

  • Community Engagement and Outreach
  • Advocacy and Policy
  • Research, Experimentation and Education

Since our launch event, a Visioning Workshop, we’ve received great response from the community. We have also been able to engage with stakeholders ranging from community members, developers, city staff, planners, architects, artists, media and social entrepreneurs to name a few. We are convinced that working collaboratively with all stakeholders is the most effective way to instigate, initiate and facilitate change. This collaborative approach will allows us to:

  • Encourage a productive and positive dialogue
  • Provide a space for unlikely collaborations
  • Promote, reward and invest in housing innovation
  • Develop tools & models that are accessible to all
  • Elevate housing standards at a cost that is accessible
  • Translate ideas into action

LOHA is always looking for people with innovative ideas to house creative and emerging professionals. If you have an idea and/or are interested in being involved with LOHA send us an email at info@lohavancouver.org

We look forward to hearing form you!