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Vancouver has seen many of its ‘cultural spaces’ being displaces, evicted, or closed in the last six months. Eviction and rent increases are some of the economic pressures caused by new development in neighborhoods that provided affordable spaces for artist and ‘creatives’ to live and work. As a response to this city-wide phenomenon LOHA organized a Nerd Jam in collaboration with Vancouver Design Nerds and GenWhy Media to address these issues.

What can we do to nurture and protect our thriving cultural community in Vancouver?

The event held on March the 15th of 2013 focused on exploring different perspectives on how to create sustainable cultural scenes in our city. After a brief introduction attendees separated into smaller brainstorming groups to discuss potential solutions. The groups were divided in themes such as policy, events, physical space, organizations, engagement, partnerships, finance and resources.

The diverse audience brought ideas around music venues, the future of Granville Island (once Emily Carr moves out) and temporary occupation of empty retail spaces, to name a few.

This event offered a great starting point for a very critical conversation. LOHA continues to expand on the lessons learned through research and by establishing partnerships with local artist and design groups. For further information on this area of work contact Alicia Medina at